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Worst experiece of my life

We originally called Century Link to transfer our internet to our new house. The sales rep that handled this call talked to fiance about adding Dirctv to our Century Link internet and stated that our bill would only raise $10 dollars from what we originally paid for our internet. So my fiance said sure we will get it. The date ...

The Worst TV eve

I decided to go with Direct TV because at first they gave me a great deal. Ever since day one I am having issues with my bills not being the same every month. And their customer service is 0. Every single representative tells you a different story, and you will never get what they offer you just to get you as a customer. To ...

Disney Channel
Too late

They really need to put the actual disney channel shows on earlier instead of the disney jr. Ones. I am a early bird so i get up and want to watch t. V. But all thats on is stinking old disney jr.!!! ...