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Time Warner Cable
Horrible company

Time Warner Cable needs to be SHUT DOWN! The are the most horrific company ever to be established on planet earth. The need to be given a negative negative. It is sad they have to harass people for a past due amount in 2013 that WAS taken care of. Oh but wait, no here in 2015 they say, TWC, that I did not take care of that ...

Todd English
The worst pans ever!

I purchased two Todd English greenpans from hsn claiming to be nonstick. Don't believe it everything sticks to these pans, what a waste of money not to mention all the food I have had to throw away from being ruined by these pans. I am so disappointed that I will no longer use them, these pans are such a headache to use and are ...

Deceptive marketing to cancel your unlimited data

My husband called AT&T because our youngest daughter keep going over her data. He just wanted to add more data to her number. The lady on the phone talked him into a shared family data plan. My older daughter and I had unlimited data. She did not tell him that our unlimited plan would be cancelled. We have been careful to keep ...