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Same day delivery=

I placed a order with a SAME DAY DELIVERY for a specific reason... A birthday gift. I ensured I stayed home the entire day to receive the parcel... Its 22.20pm. No parcel... Order placed at 07:55... Disgusting ...

Giftwrap Trading
Gift Wrap... Or rather not

So I had this company brand a few items for me. Paid them upfront in December, got delivery a month later in January. All fine, they probably needed cash flow for bonuses. 1 half items, beautiful. 2nd half rubbish. Tried to get them to fix embroidery, then they came up with idea to cover it up. Then obviously I wanted to speak ...

Honouring commitment

After a payment went wrong, the offer of the coupon was expired, and as such, I would have lost a great deal. She allowed us to make another payment whilst the refund of the first anmount is being dealt with, and opened the offer again just for me to allow mw to still utelize the offer. Thank you Angelique, Lionel and team! ...

Missing voucher

I haven't received my groupon voucher and it has been 2-3 weeks and I have made payment so Ryan Bailey was so helpful in tracking it down. It was sent to my previous work email address, which I thought I changed but none the less he tracked it down in no time and resent it to me and he has changed my details! Thank you so much ...

Still no refund!

Please will you fill out a deposit slip and go to a bank and make my transfer, i have waited donkey's years, and you have the audacity to reply that you have already fore warned me about my refund - where is the confirmation of payment, that i requested??? Keep avoiding my questions and witholding my refund, i will keep posting ...