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"up&up" bleach

As an avid recycler I want to know what to do with an empty bottle of your "lavender scent concentrated bleach"? Right on the back of the bottle it states "DO NOT RE-USE EMPTY CONTAINER, OFFER EMPTY FOR RECYCLING OR DISCARD IN THE TRASH". What are you suppose to do with it? ...

Electronics - Tablet 7" with 8g

I bought this 7 inch tablet on Amazon-was to have 8gb's. Very fast - but after downloading a few apps-machine stated no memory available. Emma from Alldaymall wrote stated needed to down load apps to my computer then to tablet-that's not what this device is suppossed to do. I am lacking at least 6gb's from the advertised 8- ...

Swoggi penny auction
Misleading advertising

Dear, I signed up last week and I thought everything is in order. Basically they make you buy credits and when you start biding your funds are depleted regardless of whether you win an auction or not. When you spend time on the site you can spot a series of familiar bidders who regularly appear. They seem to bid when bidding ...