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At&t u-verse
AT&T Uverse promotions sucks

AT&T promotions sucks big time, service is no better than the DSL service, in fact loading up web sites are actual slower. The billing process that they DO NOT tell you is billing ahead so your 1st month you will get 2 bills if you are switching from DSL. Yeah good way to generate extra income AT&T! Run from this offer has fast ...

Sold out

Etsy used to be a great site for buyers and sellers, but some shops get much more attention & do much more business than others. Really Etsy is supposed to be a "vintage" site, yet they removed the entire antique Category! There's far too many sellers selling new items, adding vintage to the title does not make the item ...

Etsy double standards

Suzannah A big thumbs-up to your integrity team, for pulling down genuine artisans and promoting blatant violators. Here is a sample: 1) This search: Q=mandala tapestry Yields these listings, among others: ...

Walmart service sucks

Walmart Walmart Walmart, You are the worst store, horrible customer service, waited 25 minutes in line just to buy one god damn thing, only two rigesters open, about 60 people in both lanes, I hope you you fail Walmart I had you and your dumb ass employees, that is some who think they own Walmart, F U and F walmart ...

No customer service - rude & unhelpful

I was very courteous on the phone and was basically asking for help. I needed a tutorial so to speak and wanted to know how we can increase our rating on yelp. We are a paying customer $495 monthly. The service rep for our account, Michael acted like I was bothering him. He gave short answers and did not answer and only gave ...