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Walmart service sucks

Walmart Walmart Walmart, You are the worst store, horrible customer service, waited 25 minutes in line just to buy one god damn thing, only two rigesters open, about 60 people in both lanes, I hope you you fail Walmart I had you and your dumb ass employees, that is some who think they own Walmart, F U and F walmart ...

No customer service - rude & unhelpful

I was very courteous on the phone and was basically asking for help. I needed a tutorial so to speak and wanted to know how we can increase our rating on yelp. We are a paying customer $495 monthly. The service rep for our account, Michael acted like I was bothering him. He gave short answers and did not answer and only gave ...
Condition of local Store—Target 1516

To Whom Ever It May Concern, I was in Target 1516 on Saturday March 7th, 2015 and I as a regular and frequent guest to that store was very shocked at the way it was was!!! At 4:30pm there was a lot of merchandise in carriages in different depts., there was no-one to help at Electronics Dept. I pressed the HELP BUTTON 4 times ...