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Condition of local Store—Target 1516

To Whom Ever It May Concern, I was in Target 1516 on Saturday March 7th, 2015 and I as a regular and frequent guest to that store was very shocked at the way it was was!!! At 4:30pm there was a lot of merchandise in carriages in different depts., there was no-one to help at Electronics Dept. I pressed the HELP BUTTON 4 times ... - Contacted by imposters

I made the mistake of joining and within minutes of posting my profile, was contacted by an imposter. Of course, I didn't realize it was an imposter at first. It took about an hour for me to figure it out based on the inconsistencies in stories and the broken English. It was then that I took the photos and did a ...

Do NOT buy verizon refill phone card from walmart who is cheating people out of money! Here's why! - Verizon refill phone cards at walmart

I called to add my regular monthly minutes to my verizon phone as always with using one of the refill cards with 35$ on it to hear verizon tech support tell me that they themselves have even contacted walmart complaining how the cards were not activated at the cashier counter as they were paid for therefore there was no proof ...