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Do NOT buy verizon refill phone card from walmart who is cheating people out of money! Here's why! - Verizon refill phone cards at walmart

I called to add my regular monthly minutes to my verizon phone as always with using one of the refill cards with 35$ on it to hear verizon tech support tell me that they themselves have even contacted walmart complaining how the cards were not activated at the cashier counter as they were paid for therefore there was no proof ...


Ordered a LSU wreath from HOllyWoodNVines, thru Etsy. Wreath was not as described or pictured. Ordered as a gift which I gave anyway without the LSU plague. Got in touch with seller and was assured the plague would be sent. After 3phone calls & two e-mails nothing has happened. Tried to open a case with Etsy, but no photo ...

Carefully with siyajewelry - siyajewelry

For not delivered items 10 months I have not been able to recover the money from siyajewelry, I've sent a lot of amails, repayment bills through PayPal - all in vain. PayPal could not help me because my complaint was outside the time period. I would be forced to write on social networks -, so that potential customers are ...