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Incorrect goods

I purchased a wireless keyboard and mouse on groupon on the 25 Feb, when the package arrived today, I received a bamboo keyboard, with no mouse. I tried to call the number in Cape Town, but got a answering machine saying that I have to call back on Monday. I it is very difficult to get hold of groupon so that they can rectify ...

Totally Dissatisfying Service

I am really disappointed with the service I received from groupon. I paid for tickets to the homemakers expo that is happening this weekend and still have not received my tickets. I have tried calling in several times but no one is willing to assist. My reference number is GRPZARWNIGCN. Today their phone lines are closed and I ...

Mik Solutions
Unauthorised debiting of bank account

I regularly check my bank statement and to my surprise I found a 'Demand deposit" for R99 on 27/02/2015. I called the collecting agent responsible and was informed that a company in Richards Bay - MIK Solutions was the culprit. I called the company (035-7981257) and spoke to a nice enough gentleman Mr. Warren Chetty. This was a ...

Still havent recieved my groupon

I did payment for a groupon on Friday last week and still havent received my groupon. I have my spa appointment on Sunday this week and I need to send them my groupon. It has been more than 5 working days since I did payment and I need that groupon NOW!!! Ref. Grpzarna31o1. It is ridiculous that i have had to wait so long. I ...

Same day delivery=

I placed a order with a SAME DAY DELIVERY for a specific reason... A birthday gift. I ensured I stayed home the entire day to receive the parcel... Its 22.20pm. No parcel... Order placed at 07:55... Disgusting ...

Giftwrap Trading
Gift Wrap... Or rather not

So I had this company brand a few items for me. Paid them upfront in December, got delivery a month later in January. All fine, they probably needed cash flow for bonuses. 1 half items, beautiful. 2nd half rubbish. Tried to get them to fix embroidery, then they came up with idea to cover it up. Then obviously I wanted to speak ...