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Esta Bernstein
Horse sanctuary scammer

She runs a horse sanctuary in the Los Angeles area only to support her own 3 horses, 2 of which she bred. Her sanctuary is Saffyre Sanctuary. She has no job, will not work and is constantly begging people to give money to "save the horses. She is not willing to adopt out a few that she has as they are her only source of income. ...

William Hanna
Cat Scammer

9/10/16 and he is still at it!!! William Hanna!! As soon as he started sending the ridiculous emails I knew it was fake, not too mention his writing style. I had inquired about a Maine coon he was advertising. When I went back to the site to take a screenshot of his ad he already changed the city and state of the ad!!! ...

Mary Tully's Dog Training
Mary Tully THIEF

Mary Tully is a thief!!! She's only concerned about charging clients and pretends to care about our dogs. She only cares about her dog, Kyle.. I have a Labrador who's 5 years old. Mary said she and her team could train him and promised to deliver everything to help my dog. I agree totally with Arnie. My dog only learned to ...