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Complaint-review: Figi Brands, LLC - Figi Brands

Figi Brands, LLC
Figi Brands

Figi Brands is the brainchild of two ordinary guys who over the years have amassed a various collection of nagging aches and pains earned while playing youth sports, adult softball, sitting in middle seats of commercial aircraft, raising a family and many more activities which are too numerous to mention. One night as we were ...

Fantastic Sams
Horrible place stay away

If I could give them a negative star I would! I went in and asked for highlighted color and showed all four of the women what I wanted. They all said it would work and would take about 2 and half hours to do. They said it would cost me 90.00. So since I haven't went to a salon to have my hair done in about 8 years I decided to ...

Nails done badly

I did my nails on Saturday, 27/08/2016 at Placecol in Secunda Mall. An acrylic soak off and an acrylic overlay on my natural nails. I had a picture of what I wanted done and the lady said we could do it. The nail technician was clearly not competent in acrylic, as I have been doing my nails for many years and I could see she is ...

Bella Labs

I had a similar experience as the others here. Got the "trial" of both products, which made me break out and smelled bad, then found my account charged $89. Called to complain and they said it was after the 14 days. After asking time and again for a supervisor and threatening them with a lawsuit they finally agreed to refund. ...