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Bait and switch on prepaid services groupon

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I had a VERY poor experience with Allure Nail salon (Nora location, Indy). I WILL NEVER GO BACK!!!
It was MY FIRST TIME THERE, and was to be (so I thought) a wonderful experience getting to use MY PREPAID CERTIFICATE PAID IN ADVANCE OF THE PRODUCT OR SERVICES being completed or offered to me. Sadly it was one of the WORST most unprofessional, rude treatments I have ever experienced by ANY COMPANY / company employees IN MY LIFE! I was completely treated with disrespect by more than one employee there only AFTER THE SERVICE was complete and I go to present the prepaid groupon certificate... That THEN they decided they DIDNT WANT TO HONOR as the services had stated was a complete PAID IN FULL complete set of extreme lash extentions!
I WAS LIVID! And clearly VERY upset and management did NOTHING about it but add fuel to fire by condescending to me, insulting me and telling me I just didnt understand as if I was stupid and couldnt read what I had in my hand that was black and white of what I had paid for previously IN FULL and IN ADVANCE of all of this!

They even stooped so low by THREATENING to call the police on me (and they did)... If I didnt pay up 80.00 additional dollars right then and there, for the same services that WERE PAID IN FULL (plus PAID IN FULL ALSO WAS CREDIT TOWARDS even a 50.00 FUTURE FILL SERVICE for Extreme lashes that THEY NEVER PROVIDED!) Total paid in advance was 119.99 toward a groupon special bought for me as a gift of 99.00.
I could have done what many probably would and that was leave the situation entirely, but I didn't as I didn't want to be placed at fault here or do something wrong on my part. I just set there In complete disbelief and in shock... Complete SHOCK!
I even made it clear to them that I wasn't going anywhere I wasn't leaving I was trying to go to my vehicle to get my husbands CC info/or checkbook out of it as I DIDNT HAVE the 80.00 on me hat they were DEMANDING AT THIS POINT! I went and sat on the curb outside the parking lot and said if you want to call the police please call them I would like to call them to and talk to them and I did! As at that point I was personally concerned for my safety as 3 employees followed me to the curb kept harassing and yelling at me and even stuck a camera in my face and started saying "I dont trust you now"... WTH???
All they seemed to care about was getting more money out of me AFTER THE FACT!!! An additional 80.00 for a total 99.00 service that was already paid for in February!

The sad thing was when I set my appointment I even Gave them the groupon info and they said NOTHING at that time or even before they did the lashes that they wouldnt honor the certificate as it had stated as payment in full as of today for the same services as TODAY they charge more???
WTH??? (NEVER told this prior to the service or when setting the apt but AFTER the service was done, so if I don't pay up the extra 80.00 they call the police!

yes i swear im serious!!!
So basically if I dont pay then Im the wrong one and what then a criminal at that lol!???
THIS IS NOT HOW WE DO BUSINESS IN AMERICA! We are to treat people with respect and courtesy and customer service not threats! I dont know how they expect to GET AND KEEP NEW BUSINESS by treating a NEW customer like this!
I feel, This is SO WRONG and unprofessional and I never want anyone to ever feel the way they made both myself the customer and the gift bearer (who prepaid and purchased the services for me ahead of time), as this was A COMPLETLY PREPAID GIFT GIVEN TO ME!
Sadly I was going to have ALOT of other things done there like a pedicure the pink and white nail set and even possible eyebrow tinting. I made that clear when I told them I don't have 80.00 extra dollars and wasn't told or prepared I would be asked for such more money after the fact! I of course was going to tip but not 80.00 towards a 119.00 service, and that is all I brought and was prepared to pay. I was also told that the "tip" couldn't be put on my cc anyway only given in CASH(ONCE AGAIN NEVER DISCLOSED OR TOLD TO ME OR THE GIFT GIVER IN ADVANCE OF THE APPT.
I feel ripped off and completely scammed and shamed out of an additional 80.00! Clearly they don't honor their promos as advertised or shown as I am living proof! As the police explained at this point its a civil matter but I swear the business made me call my husband AND PAY AGAIN THE ADDIONAL 80.00!!! When I didnt have it on me in cash etc..!

I don't want to see ANYONE be treated like their value is only in whats in their purse or wallet and not YOU as a human being and person!

PS My husband paid the extra 80.00 just to get me out of there and away from such an awful situation. They took the money and could care less how they treated me... I am completely in shock that anyone would treat someone, especially a first time customer so terribly when all I couldn't do was pay an additional 80.00 that I WAS NEVER TOLD IT WOULD COST ME OR I OWED UNTIL I WENT TO LEAVE and only supposedly owed because although We had prepaid for this service in advance, they wouldn't honor it anylonger as paid in full per the groupon purchase I was given, but instead today the same thing cost that 119.00 I paid and now an additional 80.00!!!

So in the end they got 119.00 PLUS another 80.00 and the groupon service says it was to be a complete set of extreme lash extentions for only 99.00 (a reduced price).
total price scamming if u ask me!

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Offender: Allure Nail Salon

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