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The Beauty Of The Dead Sea
Ripped us off on products to make us believe they were "High end", expensive, and the sale was only that day.

My Husband and I were shopping in the Imperial Valley Mall in El Centro, CA. We were shopping for Christmas presents and were getting frustrated because we didn't know what exactly to buy everyone. This lady grabs my hand and asks me "Are those your real nails?" I said they were and she said she wanted to show me something. She ...

The Essence Of Youth ripoff false claim of 30 day trial! I am currently going through the hellish process of trying to stop this credit card order

More of the same complaint!!! - I received "free" sample jar ($5.95) of "essence of youth'on a trial "30 day trial offer" - then 2-3 days later, another 8-in-1 Anti-Wrinkle Cream for $49.95. Jevene charged to my credit card! This must be considered theft! I'm working with the credit card company & writing Jevene. Help??? ...