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Reviews, complaints, fraud and scams reports

Example: tapjoy. Bad customers service not giveing Looney tunes bucks and sending emails that they are lieing and false advertising

Tapjoy bad customers service and there email DEPARTMENT... Ive have sent in emails showing that i completed offers i never received my Looney tunes bucks for it's going on a week i received two emails from tapjoy saying then sent the Looney tunes bucks they lied i still haven't got them. I dont think its right you complete ...

Tapjoy doesn't award family jewels

I play Family House online. Tapjoy claims I can earn 288 family jewels by inquiring about a car insurance quote. Not only did I finish the inquiry, I spoke to a lovely lady named Michelle at 865-226-1191 who helped me switch my car insurance to Titan Insurance. Yes, I was genuinely interested in switching my insurance and ...