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3 for 3 sucks and your out!

O I decided to try a few loreal products. Revitalift 10, eye defence and visible blur. What a total waist. I spent over $60 and first, no difference in my compextion. Second, no difference in under eye area and caused irritation and redness, and the foundation mother lifts nor blurs. Feels like I put vasaline on my face. Next ...

Fantastic Sams
A very unhappy custome

I went into the fantastic SAMs location on 80th state Kck yesterday asked for my hair to be died brown with blonde streaks through it I got nothing even close my hair looks terrible it's fried out my hairs brown on the bottom and red on the crown of my head the haircut also looks terrible and they charged me $100 and refuses to ...

Fantastic Sams
Dirty Salon

The Stytlists were too busy answering phones to actually cut my hair correctly. The salon on 4700 S. 1747 w. Taylorsville, UT was absolutely filthy. Patrons want their hair stylist's combs, brushes, capes, and all tools to be cleaned and sterilized after every use. ...

Extreme Repair Mask

I sustained a chemical burn from extreme emergency recovery mask, hair care product. This new hair care products is unsafe. I have been suffering from this chemical burn for 5 weeks. Caused a serious burn to my scalp. I am taking numerous medications to alleviate chemical burn from this hair conditioner. ...