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Cost Cutters
Worst haircut of my life

It is so disgusting it makes me sick that I had to pay for it. I wanted it cut straight across but she cut it heart shape. Then she took a whole 4 inches off despite I only asked for two. Then she layered my bands DESPITE the fact I said NO layers. Top it all off, one side was obviously much longer than the other (1 inch and ...

Sun Tan City
Untrustworthy, Greedy Bastards

I purchased a two month membership in April and paid for both April and May. At that time I was in college and sun tan city was the only place to go the past my bills have been due when I walked in the door cause I always paid with cash and I told them I only want to pay in cash, not have it taken out of my account. Now ...

Cruelty free should not be a joke

This happened today at 1714 chestnut street, as I walked in and asked to see the cruelty free mascara, the girl thought it was funny and laughed. Why is that funny? You should be glad that #1: I walked IN to your store and #2: I have a conscious and choose to shop in a way that no being was harmed. Shame on you Sephora. ...