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Prada parfume

I bought a perfume as a xmas gift. Prada. My friend told me that it has been re packed and sealed with masking tape! I was in complete shock and felt so bad that I had to buy her another gift locally. I was in complete shock. How dare they sell something like this? I reached out to them and they offered 10 percent discount for ...

Charge Extra For Request Hair Stylist

Supercuts charges $2.00 extra if you request a certain stylist to cut your hair. Why are return customers penalized for this? Supercuts should be happy that customers return and not upset them because they have returned and request/like a particular stylist. Last evening the person who has previously cut my hair was on duty ...

Tapjoy tricks! -

There was an offer that says i need to create an account on a movie site and start 7 days trail. And i did and i check my offer status after 24 hours. It says that my offer is not completed. I wrote a ticket and said that i did complete and they ask me to prove that i registed and started 7 days trail. They wanted me send them ...