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Surveys are just data mining spammers

I play an app called Covet. There is an option to earn 'Diamonds' for use as currency in this app. Tapjoy advertises for these surveys, which are page after page of questions that you have to answer. More often than not you come to a page, after completing over 20 pages, that has no option to order to collect your ...

Fantastic Sams

I will never go back here again. Waited an hour and had 3 people taken ahead of me. One girl acted like she was on a date with the client, played with his hair after she cut it for like 25 minutes. I don't mind waiting my turn but but that was ridicules. Then when one girl gets done she just walks around like there is no one ...

Ulta salons in Anchorage AK

Got my hair cut from salon/manager Harry. He made me wait forever to get my hair cut. It was nice of them to give me a free hairwash because they made me wait. Didn't thought it was super long so I agree. After that they made me wait longer and when is my turn he cut my long healthy hair to a super short dora hair style. I told ...