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I have worked in every kind of customer service possible; retail, food, and now a receptionist, so before I start in on this, let me make it clear that I know what it is like to deal with irrational and mean people, and I know what it is like when you have a bad day and want to put in minimum effort. Starting out, I went to the Brighton, Co Walmart off of Bromley. I worked with a really nice guy the whole time, at the end the refund came out to less than I was expecting since my grandma and I had done my taxes last night and it came out to a significantly larger amount. The nice guy said "Okay! No problem! Let's review."

Then a few minutes in, a different guy, Russian, that I won't publicly name, came around the corner. My preparer asked him a question and instead of just answering and letting my guy finish the job, he told him to move. My guy moved and down sat the really mean Russian guy. He started going through and kept repeating the same line "Your grants and scholarships are far more than the cost of school was, so you don't get very much back." I understood this, and told him I did, but he kept repeating it, getting angrier and angrier each time. I looked at him and said "I am not stupid." He laughed at me. I didn't even know what to say to that, so I said nothing.

I tried to explain to him that my grandma and I had done them last night without submitting them and that the refund was much more. I can understand if it would be a little less or somewhere in the middle, but it was far less. He interrupted me numerous times before I could finish that sentence, but once he allowed me to finish he told me in response that "It wasn't his fault my grandma and I don't know what we're doing." Once again, taken back about his rudeness, I kept quiet. He then got to my schooling part and noticed that I work full time as well as go to school full time. He accused me of lying about doing both saying that it wasn't possible for me to do both full time. I work extremely hard to do both full time and it was a below the belt shot to tell me I was a liar. When I stood my ground and told him it was not a lie, he said "Okay, but you can get in trouble with the IRS for lying about anything."

He went on to say that I had no kids, no house, and wasn't paying for school out of pocket so my refund wouldn't be very much. I then said "So let me get this straight, I am only 19 years and do not have any children, no house, and I do well enough in school to be fortunate enough to not have to pay for it, and I don't get barely anything back." He then said "That is the American way." He then asked me if I understood, I was not going to fight with him in front of the whole store and I was not going to argue with someone I knew wouldn't listen, so I said "Sure, whatever." He then smiled and said "Finally, I am glad you understand." He then let the other guy sit down and close the deal. The other guy apologized to me for having to deal with the guy. Then as we were finishing up, the Russian guy was talking to another associate about me directly in front of me.

I will NEVER recommend anyone to this tax service, nor will I return. Even if my refund was 100% correct or not, I did not deserve that kind of treatment. What a customer gets from any business means nothing, no matter how accurate, if they are treated that terribly. Oh, and let me add that I called about this last Saturday and was told I would receive a phone call in 48 hours explaining how the situation was taken care of, I have not heard back and it is now a week later. I also filled out an online survey and have not heard anything back. I called again and they wanted to completely repeat everything I had already said twice, which I was not going to do. So not only was my experience the worst and most demeaning I have ever had, but it has not been taken care of.

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Offender: Jackson Hewitt

Country: USA

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