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Burger King
Airport rd burger king

Worst burger king ever. For breakfast idk if they are lazy or what but they never have biscuits. Multiple times i went to breakfast an they told me they weren't serving breakfast. Everytime i go their either my meal is wrong or they forget something. And they want a increase raise! Maybe they should learn how to pay attention. ...

Dominos pizza
Worst service eve

Ordered a pizza... Over a hour later the location in Bensalem PA called me back and notified me that they don't deliver to where I was at. Which mind you was at most 4 miles away. They took my credit card information and charged the card before informing me about their bullshit story of not delivering to my location... Fuck ...

Dominos pizza
Horrible experience

I called to order a few items out of domino's pizza menu. When I was finished with my order and waiting for it, domino's called me back saying that they don't deliver from this location (weird because it was located on Kirkman). They told me that I can't get my money back and will have to wait 5 days. Another domino's location ...