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Rijo 42
Rijo 42 coffee machine

Steer clear of this company. The rep ian mathews is a liar. I told him that my business was due to close 2 years into the lease and he assured me that i could simply hand the machine back. Not the case!!! I'm stuck with a machine i dont need at a total cost over 4 years of over £8000. He also told me their products (coffee, ...

Ridicolus Management Treatment

I go to American Restaurant in Ukraine and try to order menu items, and I understand I cannot speak fluently. I order from picture menu they have for foreigners. No problem. There are cameras every place in restaurant. One day I walk in the management side of Mcdonalds only a few feet from entrance of main Entry way. Some fat ...

Rude Staff - Staff conduct.

18/May/2015.5pm. Sbarro, Ayala, Cebu Philippines. My wife was ordering a meal for our family while I was seated in view of behind the counter. The little boy taking her order squatted down and made faces and rude gestures to other staff members about my wife. The little boy was not aware of me in view. The staff laughed and ...