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As a former employee of one of their stores, I can confirm that management isn't just lacking in their customer service, but also in their handling of employees.

-I was cross trained as art department stocker/clerk and cashier. Rarely was I ever actually in my department unless it was shipment day. Even then, as I'm trying to sort my boxes (because nothing is presorted when it's shipped to the stores, it's all just thrown into boxes), I was still on call for register. I would get called to my register six or seven times an hour for only a few minutes at a time. It took away from me doing my job in the back. Which the same manager who would usually call me to my register would then get on my case about the fact I hadn't gotten far in putting my shipments away, and told me I needed to work faster.

-On a number of occasions I would be trying to help a customer in various areas of the store only to hear my name be paged and told to report to my register. I would continue helping the customer, and hear my name paged again. I would finally be able to make it to my register and was usually met by a manager who would berate me for not dropping what I was doing and getting to my register as soon as I was called (as if I'd magically developed the ability to teleport in the first place). When I would explain that I had been with a customer, they would brush me off, give me a dirty look and usually some kind of grumbled response before telling me I need to get to my register faster from now on.

-At one point I'd gotten a week off to go visit a friend, and when I'd come back, I came back with a wicked cold my friend's kids had given me. It was by far the worst "cold" I'd ever had (I'm still not convinced it wasn't something worse). I would have uncontrollable coughing fits that would leave me doubled over and lightheaded. One of my managers first off didn't like the fact I took a couple of days off (after already being back to work a few days) to try and recuperate and go to the doctors when things weren't clearing up on their own and with cold meds, and then didn't like the fact that I was required to carry a water bottle with me at all times and had been instructed to "take it easy at work". Meaning most of my time was spent in the back room sorting things for the sales floor and only being called to my register when it was absolutely necessary. This manager would glare at me and not speak to me the whole rest of the time I was sick.

-On a number of occasions I was instructed to keep my eye on a customer because they were "behaving suspiciously". Their suspicious behavior was generally them just standing in front of a section, staring at it and glancing around before going back to staring at it. No employees ever approached them to ask if they needed help finding something, or asking if they were finding everything okay. Nothing. Everyone was always told to just keep their eyes on people.

(At one point, on my day off, I went to a different store than the one I worked at and conducted an experiment by just standing in one department for quite awhile, just staring at products. Picking them up, looking them over, and putting them back. I kept count of the number of times the same three employees wandered by me, never saying a word to me, and just "stealthily" watched me. No one ever offering me any help. The number was somewhere in the double digits by the time I finally just walked out without buying anything)

-At the time I was working there, I was going to school nearby full-time. And every other night I had a night class that would go from 6pm to 8:50pm. But on occasion the class would let out early for one reason or another, or be canceled all together. So those nights I'd usually pop into the store real quick to grab some items I'd seen while working but hadn't gotten the chance to buy, and every time I would get cornered by someone in management. Why was I there? They thought I had class that night and that's why I wasn't able to work those nights. Why wasn't I in class? When I would explain class had been canceled or let out early, you could very clearly see in their faces that they didn't believe a word I said.

-I live in the middle of the countryside (I am six miles from the nearest town, and that town is still 13 miles from where I worked). When the Polar Vortex went through and roads were shut down and police were very adamant that people should stay home and not be anywhere on the roads, if you were caught on the road you would be ticketed, I had called into work to let them know I probably wasn't going to make it in that day. At first, the nicer of the managers answered and said to just keep them posted. I said I'd call back in a little while when I found out if I'd be able to make it or not. My dad refused to snowblow the driveway, so I was literally trapped in. I called back and got a different manager who completely went off on me for not being able to make it in. How ridiculous it was that I wasn't able to come into work, and other employees who lived outside of town where able to make it, so why couldn't I?

Honestly, I was sad when I was let go, but only because I enjoyed the company of a few of my co-workers and enjoyed getting a steady paycheck again. But at the same time, I do not miss the way management treated their employees and customers. At all!

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