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LG Appliances
Brand New LG French Door Refrigerator - Known rusting problem on ""Stainless Steel"" Door! - LG 25 CF 3 Door Refrigerator #LFC2577SS1

I purchased what I thought was a beautiful new LG Refrigerator at BrandsMart. Less than 90 days later, I noticed long streaks of rust on the inside frame of the door. I tried rubbing it with a soft cloth, but it appeared to be rust coming through the supposed "stainless steel" finish. I asked my husband to take a look at it and ...

LG Appliances
Lg tv

I've been reading some of the reviews before deciding to write one myself. It appears that LG has no customer care once a product / item has been bought regardless where from. My 74. Year old mum bought an LG Plasma TV 3 years ago sadly from Comet who ceased trading not long after purchase, but knowing it was a TV which ...

LG Appliances
LG Refrigirators - all products

I have one and i will never ever purchase another one and i will continue my assault on discouraging other people i know to not buy anything lg your product concerns sucks. Onc e have bought it, you disappear. Refridgirators are not suppose to have to have major repairs on a yearly basis. Your producs suck and i inrend to do as ...