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LG Appliances
Won't buy another LG

I have had my LG washer now for over a year. I thought it only fair to use it and then review. At the year mark, my washer refused to drain. So a very nice repair man came out and it was a broken wire going to the motor (I think). Anyways, I asked him why, when I put 2 sets of sheets in to wash, most don't even get wet. His ...

GE Hydrowave Horrible Mistake - GE hydrowave

I Love laundry. I love doing laundry and when my washer was ruined by a storm, I had to find another. I did not want an HE! After researching I found the GE Hydrowave... It wasn't advertised as HE, no where on that stupid piece of junk does it say HE. I did mention in the tiny booklet to use HE detergent, I thought I was going ...

LG Appliances
LG appliances - Lg appliance

I purchased an entire set of kitchen appliances for my parents. One year after purchase the microwave stopped working? Next the dishwasher had an internal hose break causing over $50,000 in damages to their home. Today the stove top cracked. 3 for 3. I will NEVER purchase another product with the LG logo on it. The ice machine ...