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Samsung Egypt

Write your review, complaint or question here and add as much detail as possible so the Business you review can improve and reply to you. Dear Sir; I have bought a washing machine Samsung (Sam W-Machine Front Loading) 12K - WF1124XAU/YAS - Etronics. Serial number Y3VL53AF600052 - Product Code 24-06-1019 from Nozha Branch - ...

LG Appliances
LG mobile is crap!

LGS500 aka: the Optimus F6 has the android Jelly Bean 4.1 and is sold by both T-Mobile and MetroPCS for about $100. This thing is truly a paperweight in disguise. I found a way into my/the cell phone which bypasses my 10 character password. LG has the worst mobile devices. I posted a review on their website and they deleted it ...

LG Appliances
Lg double oven range - Lg oven

I am using the bottom oven for the second holiday this Thanksgiving. Last March we bought all matching lg appliances from Abt (they are great). The racks do not slide in the top or bottom ovens. For the top oven, we have lived with it. Although it is highly annoying and terribly unfunctional. If we try to get the turkey out ...

LG Appliances
It does not work!

I purchased a new LG LFX25974ST 24.7 cu ft french door refrigerator. It has now been more than a month (original service call made to LG was made on October 16,2014) since our 1 year old refrigerator failed, and still there is no end in sight. LG has refused to accept the fact that they made a poor product, and has now had two ...

Joe Boxer
Joe Boxer Pajamas - pajamas

I always purchase Joe Boxer Pajamas for me, my kids and grand kids. I love the feel and comfort but they are obviously made from poor quality. Poor material or seconds. It never fails that after 2-3 washes they literally fall apart from the inseam. I am now walking around with the butt out on 2 pair because I refuse to throw ...