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Joe Boxer

I bought a pair of Joe Boxer white leggings in KMART. I really love the brand, however these leggings have a horrible chemical smell I just can't seem to get out! I have washed several times, soaked in white vinegar, and just don't know what to do next? Can you tell me how to get this smell out, or am I wasting too much time ...

Joe Boxer
BAD UNDERWEAR - joe boxe

I recently purchased 2 packs of hipster underwear and was very disappointed. This was my 1st purchase of Joe Boxer underwear and probably my last. The underwear is so tiny it doesn't even cover half my butt. It felt like a thong bikini or something. I am very upset that I am now out the money and still have no new underwear. ...

LG Appliances
Won't buy another LG

I have had my LG washer now for over a year. I thought it only fair to use it and then review. At the year mark, my washer refused to drain. So a very nice repair man came out and it was a broken wire going to the motor (I think). Anyways, I asked him why, when I put 2 sets of sheets in to wash, most don't even get wet. His ...