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Where is this company located?

I called regarding an exchange - had great difficulty understanding the customer rep. Do all companies now have a customer service dept. In india. This is america and i think anyone doing a telephone job should speak english. Ust for us dummys who didn't take indian for a language in school. I can not give you 100 words ...

Monthly "membership" Charge

I ordered pants on line & (of course) gave my credit card #. Haband Emailed me to say that I would be a "member" for $14.95 per MONTH. (my pants total is $24.49). Here's my Email to it Haband VIP Plus 6/18/15 at 12:06 PM VIP Plus Team: WHAT do you think gives you the RIGHT to charge me $14.97 PER MONTH unless I opt out? ...

Pissed off for conflicting prices

Called to place an order from summer catalog for Tee's-customer #0372-367-219-source code-163-advertisement read-Misses save on 3or more6.99$eachwomens XLTO 4XL 11.99 ORSAVE ON 3 OR MORE9.99$ ea. Nothing was said about adding 3.00$ each for larger sizes-they said it's an automatic & there's no way to change it-it's Fraud ...

It's true—you get what you pay for

Inferior quality goods. I think they count on you not bothering to mail the stuff back, who has the time or wants to pay the return postage. Plus, Haband's FREE GIFTS said to be very valuable always turn out to be cheap I'd never use or wear. Their clothes are always a disappointment in terms of quality—the men's socks are of ...

I want out of this scam

I never gave anyone permission to / take $14 and some change off my credit card I do not know what it. Is for I made / request last month to have iit taken off My May credit card statementi has the charge on AGAIN. Come on, get it right I. See no reason / to keep on / adding words in the complaint box I have all II reviews and ...