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Ulta Hair Salon

I've been to the salon 3 times and always to the same person. The day before my appointment I get a text asking if I'll be showing up. Today I didn't get a text, so I called. Found out that the person I go to is no longer there (last appointment was 4 weeks ago) and no one else could do my hair tomorrow. I needed it done ...

Honor your price signs

Ultra Beauty Spent time picking out a bottle of lotion. When I got up to the cashier I commented that the product was on sale. The product rung up at $19. I told the cashier that there was a sign that showed $15. Cashier made no effort to have a price check. So I took it upon my self to check again before leaving. I took the ...

The worst, just horrible

I went to ulta to buy the dermatologica overnight clearing gel, once i found it in between all the mess and dust they have on the shelfs i kept looking at make up and the went to pay, the girl asked if i had found everything and i said well can someone help me with a gel moisterizer and the just pointe at nutragen, long story ...