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Motorola X order SNAFU

Ordered phone on-line, received notification from Motorola that credit card charge was refused, and therefore, the order cancelled. After an hour on the phone with Bank of America and Motorola on day two, I found out that the original transaction was accepted by the bank, but that Motorola's system was unable to confirm the ...

Droid Turbo

Maybe it's just me, but shelling out a fair amount of money ought to mean that there is a certain level of quality standing behind a product. The purchasing cost of the phone should reflect some sort of value, be it inherent to the device itself (fast, good calls, as advertised features, etc) and/or the service that stands ...

Moto 360 delivered broken.

Bought a Moto 360 Watch. It did not work. Sent back for refund. 3 months later, no watch and no refund. Motorola said they would return my money on several occasions. We have hours of hold time. Motorola keeps saying they will refund my money and 3 months later we have not been paid. If you are looking for a smart watch ...