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Motorola Razor V9 very Flimsy!

Bought Motorola Razor V9 as a Christmas present and was broken by January. Very cheaply made and AT&T offers no product support. Contacted AT&T when cell phone freezes, AT&T sends a "reconditioned" partial phone. The new phone also does not work for a different reason. So far, we are on the 4th or 5th return and still no ...

Motorola KRZR

At first, I went against the negative reviews and bought the krzr. Never do what I did. I loved it for the first 4 months, until one day I went to get it off the counter only to find a huge spider crack enveloping the front screen. So thats just the beginning. Last week, the music portion of the phone broke. I don't abuse my ...

Motorola F3 Cell a waste of money

We bought the Motorola F3 cell phone while on holiday in France. It was promoted as being cheap and simple to use. What a joke. This phone turned out to be difficult to use and not user friendly at all. The menu is almost nonexistent making the phone hard to navigate. Other travellers in the hostels we stayed at could not work ...