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Motorola Customer Service is

At the time I am writing this, I have been on hold with the Motorola Customer Service for 1h07min!!! That's one hour and seven minutes! And this is my 3rd attempt at contacting them. I sent a brand new phone for return/refund. They sent me the Fedex retrun label and I put the phone in the mail right away. It has been more than ...


Had contacted Motorola about a repair. They did not send specific instructions for the procedure. I emailed them to get an address about where to ship the phone. They sent an email with the address although from what I have learned since i should not have shipped the phone at all. They should have sent a label for the ...

Customer service for repairs

Sent my phone in to be replaced in November 2014, its now January 2015 and am still getting excuses as to why they haven't replaced my phone yet. I followed the insturctions exactly as they said to and got the phone to them well before the date it needed to be recived byI have called them and talked to several different people ...

False Advertisement

Received an email to purchase Moto X and an accessory at discount on Cyber Monday. Moto X - got a discount. But the accessory - did not. Customer support keeps telling me that the accessory is on sale - no discount on sale items. But, the email does not say that at all. All the email says that "any accessory" and the "phone ...