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Fraud Advertising/Poor Customer Service

Purchased Moto G on 11/1. Availability showed "in stock". 2 day shipping... Paid in full. Got credit card receipt. Within 2 minutes got receipt saying thanks for your money, will be 2 more weeks. NOT ACCEPTABLE! Called to cancel, talked to Andrea... Tried to expedite... MY PHONE BEING BUILT? In less than 24 hours? I CAN'T ...

Dont buy Model MR355R Walkie Talkie

I purchased 4 new walkies to replace 4 old ones I have had for 10 years. Reception is the worst I have ever dealt with. The ear pieces only give you mumbling sounds. Two of ear pieces quit after a few uses. Forget about contacting Motorola about issues. The rep reads off a generated sheet on what to do. CLUELESS. I first ...

Never get a motorola phone

I contacted Motorola 8-28-2014 through their customer service phone number to complain that my camera was no longer working. It displayed an error message and ceased to continue functioning. The customer service representative emailed me links in order to resolve my issue since the things I had to do required turning off my ...