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Motorola phone hostage

We sent our cell phone to motorola to be repaired for broken screen. They said it was not covered, we said ok so send it back to us as is. Well they fixed it anyway and won't return phone to us despite the emails requesting the broken phone to be returned. We did not authorize them to fix it if it was not under warranty. They ...

Customer (Mis) Service

Motorola customer (mis) service is an absolute joke. I don't think I've ever witnessed such incompetence. After checking with their chat, and several calls, I was assured that my Moto X would have the screen replaced free under their 1-time policy for cracked screens. I sent my phone in, and after a week that they had the ...

No customer service

Once again, what used to be a solid American company is just a cash grab POS. I have Time Warner Cable for my internet service, when we got connected they offered a wifi router lease or buy option. Buying the router saved me about $30 over the long haul so thought I would take that route. TWC has a list of compatible routers ...

2 weeks to get money back? POS company

I ordered moto x and then found out from another user that wireless charging is not a feature in the phone. So it showed up and sent it right back with in the hour that fedex dropped it off, did not even crack the shrinkwrap. 24 hours later i get email saying they received it but cannot get my money back for at least 10-14 ...