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Contacted customer service (Michael)

I have a Motorola Droid Max... I called today 1-30-2014 and talked to Michael about getting sound files from my computer to my phone, He was rude uptight and seemed to be on an upper like Meth or something he hung up on me I think because I was not getting the help links that he was trying to walk me thru, He represented ...

Lapdock 100 Stopped working

I purchased a Lapdock 100 on closeout from an Ebay seller. While the original price was over $300 Dollars, I paid less than $80 It allowed me full internet access and full computer functions while camping or just in my car with my Motorola Droid attached. It is a powerful, lightweight machine with a beautiful display, full key ...

Dear Motorola

Dear Motorola, It seems to me that for once you have gone above and beyond what the customer has asked of you. I was not aware of the fact that a customer had the power to decide the fate of another human being, but it turns out to be true. I only have a few things to say on the matter and therefore it shall be short. I ...