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Baby unit MBP36

We purchased a MBP36 baby unit Jan2013, our beautiful baby arrived March 5th. We have Been using the unit (trying) for the last 3 months. Every few minutes the unit turns off, after trying several times to speak to Motorla customer service I finally spoke to Joya in warranty. The experience was the worst ever, I was promised ...

Droid Razr and Customer Service

So, my Droid RAZR Maxx wasn't holding a charge and was getting hot while just sitting (un-plugged) on my night stand. I just got the phone in September 2012 and this was May 2013. So I went to Verizon and they gave me Motorola's number. So after going through the touch pad I finally talk to a soft speaking representative. She ...

Droid cellphone custome

My name is Jenny. I purchased a Droid 4 for my youngest son through our cell phone provider verizon. He has only had the phone for a little over a year. I spent over $400.00 the FIRST time to activate his phone for him. Within several days, his phone was not charging. We took it back to verizon to see what could be done and ...

Droid raz

I have always relied on Motorola phones since the late 80s. This is the worst phone I have ever own. My first razr kept locking up on me, so I exchange it for another. That was my first mistake. I received another that was used it had even more problems. It is always opening apps that I had not opened it locks up and the ...