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Motorola Verizon Repair Service Sucks

I had upgraded my Verizon Droid phone to a Droid Bionic, 10 days after I had the phone I had a Dr appointment so when I went in the Dr office I left the phone in the car since you cant take it in the exam room. It was a cloudy day and I wouldnt be in there long so I thought it would be OK. So after an hour later I come out and ...

Customer stay away from RadioShack!

I went to RS, at Trenton, NJ to ask a couple of question about the warranty of a product that I purchased there. I wanted to buy something else, but I really wanted to applied for RS Credit car because it would be easier for me putting it in my CC than having cash with me. Well the mananger at that particular store (She is a ...

Phone service

I have called at various times of the day. Each time I wait 20 minutes or more and still no rep. Several days and still no rep. "all helping others". All I want to do is change the credit card for auto-pay. Why don't you call me? This is a prime example of very poor service. The current card no. Is: 4305870760272807 (2/13). ...

Motorola deletes texts

9/13/2011 After annoying messages every time I turned on my Android cell phone to update my software, I finally did. Without warning, Motorola deleted all my text messages with no way of retrieving them. Their only response was "sorry". Their irresponsible behavior and attitude will prevent me from ever purchasing another ...

Motorola Backflip Sucksss

So I sent in my Motorola Backflip to the dudes at Motorola to get it fixed, this is the third freaking time this has happened and I'm extremely pissed off about it. But hey, as long as I get my phone back. A week and a half later I get my phone (Today) and I saw it was wrapped up in some red plastic bag or so, and I was like, ...