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Concast has the WORST SERVICE EVER

I signed up for a 12 month price guarantee for Comcast 50mbps of internet back in January of this year. My billed was $54.89 every month. Today I receive a bill and my internet jumped to $88.00 a month. I call Comcast and they say my promo has expired (even though I am only 5 months into my 12 month commitment) and my rate has ...

Example of XFINITY Crappy customer service

See the following text from my interaction with the customer service department for an example of the crappy service they provide. User Andrew has entered room Analyst Roshan has entered room Roshan: Hello Andrew _, Thank you for contacting Comcast Live Chat Support. My name is Roshan. Please give me one moment to review ...


I have to restart my Docsis 3 modem several times per day because I have no internet access. It works, then it doesn't work. My equipment is not the problem. My cable modem is a fully compatible and functional Surfboard SBG6580. I have called several times to remedy. No help. I pay about $90 per month for 50mb/sec interenet. ...

Review about Staff from Ashburn, Virginia

I had a problen with the representative on comcast last week and now I continue with the problem after a representative of comcast called me today she told me that the amount that I will pay is 64.58 cent for the month that past due and for the next month but I think that your representative say something by phone and when I ...


Well i fell behind a payment and yes thats my fault because it was a new service and new address so i never recieved my bill on time! When i finally spoke with somone they told me to just pay the month that i had gotten behind on and my service will not be disconnected! SO i been doing that for the past months since i ...