Address: 1500 Market Street
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Worst service ever.

I moved from one apartment to another. I got my services transferred to my new address 10 days before my move. But after 10 days in to moving to my new apartment, the service suddenly stops and i was on call with support for 2 hours to know that the service was never transferred at all? Then at that point they create a new ...

Review about Service Appointment

I just moved. There is a commercial building on the property as well as my residence. I can't get or schedule service until someone put the address in the residential section. Three reps refused to listen and two lied and said they had spoken to supervisors who were going to expedite the order and after four days the ticket ...

Can't trust anything they say

We were told that Comcast business was different from residential in that we would always be guaranteed great service, customer service reps that only work the business side and that we could transfer our domain name from Century Link to comcast. First, their customer service reps have no idea who they are even working for no ...