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Shipped me wrong modem after 3 requests.

Everything about comcast is pathetic! I called 3 weeks ago & was told they were shipping me a new modem, after 2 weeks I called again & was told they'd overnight one to me. Again, not received. Called again, was told it would be over nighted, I received it 2 days later BUT IT WAS THE WRONG MODEM. I called & complained & was ...

Comcast are bunch of Thieves don't Trust them

I called on a letter offering fast Internet service for 19.95/month when I called I was told that it was 2.0 Mbps download speed which was no better than AT&T DSL for $42/month. I inquired about other offers and they said that since I was paying $156/month no contract they could offer me 109 Mbps for $161.98/month including the ...

Review about Bundle Service from Kendall, Florida

Comcast is the worst company, bad service, they do not care, always need to be checking your bill. I have a basic "bundle" and still end up paying almost 200 a month. And its not the phone, We barrly touch the home phone. If you want to watch an old movie, you have to pay, now they have started charging for episodes of series, ...

Net Neutrality

I am giddy that you have embraced Net Neutrality.instead of having a cigarette break every 10 minutes for a 2-5 minute buffer I now do not have time for a cigarette with the 1-2 minute buffer every 3 minutes. I would strongly suggest you update your service so I can not smoke during a movie! Really, 7 buffers at 2-5 minutes ...