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Comcast, still awaiting my deposit

After cancelling Comcast Cables' TV, internet and phone - I am still waiting for my equipment deposit credit back from them after 7 months. They were quick to take my $189/ month for over 20 yrs, but slow to return a credit. I got the run around from customer service and waited on the phone for 40 minutes. Verizon Fios is much ...

Comcast is the worst

I am renting a home in Florida for 6 weeks. They have COMCAST as their provider. I ordered additional Cable Services from COMCAST during my stay. It is now 7:00pm. I am waiting for the COMCAST Installer who was supposed to be at my house between 4 pm and 6 pm to add the additional cable services. He hasn't arrived. I was also ...

Comcast should be investigated

I reside in Nashville, Tennessee and Comcast cable service here is absolutely HORRIBLE! Many of my complaints stem from the most obvious and makes you wonder why you pay so much every month (even with the constant price increases and channel changes) for something that really, if you think about it, is not worth the money you ...

DVR Service to Increase for Research!

A recent Comcast customer letter dated August, 2007, states that we will be paying an additional $3.00 per month for High-Definition DVR services. This is NOT an increase for service costs, oh no, but an incurred charge for "increased investments we're [Comcast] making in technology". Comcast means to say that they are ...