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Comcast liars and thieves

Comcast sales rep hounded my husband for over an hour. The price was great included all the bells and whistles. We were getting an prepaid Visa and they were paying for our cancellation fee with Verizon. This is all stated in the SIGNED contract. $235 1st month and $158 every month after that. After many installation problems, ...

Fastest internet lol no way

They claim they have the fastest internet when they don't. My internet is so slow and eveytime i call i get the same bs "Well there is some maintenance going on with the servers" lol "maintenance" so what it takes them 3 weeks to fix a "server" i'm not buying it one bit. And not only that but the coustmer representatives are ...

Comcast Visa Prepaid Card Complaint

I signed up for new service with Comcast Xfinity on 2/15/2015. Triple play, internet, cable, phone. The contract said I would get a $150 Visa Prepaid Cash Card as part of the promotion. That $150 helped me make the decision to switch to Comcast. I have paid on time every month. I have called them several times about the card. ...