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Multiple unexplained increases to my bill

I've had at least 100 negative experiences with Comcast (compared to zero with Verizon phone service), so it's easy to exceed 100 words. My recent gripes: - NBA league pass expired at end of the NBA season so Comcast deemed this a "removal of service" and decided that it would be a good time to audit my bill. They added $25 of ...

Lied over phone, overcharged on bill

Comcast told me they would charge me 39.99 for basic Tv and internet, and "free HBO" For 3 months. I get the bill and it is 64.55. So I only send them 39.99 since that is what they promised. Next bill is 108.55. They charged me a bunch of late fee's and a bunch of nonsensical fees. I called to complain and all the lady does is ...