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Worse service ever

1. When calling, you are on hold for 30 to 1 hr waiting, then transferred, and disconnected. Only to have to call back numerous times to solve it. Then notes are never entered properly so no one honors anything that was said from a previous rep. 2. The bill is way to high and the company raises prices because they can and they ...

Upset about the bill

I was tolded to pickup my new dvr at the store which i did.installed it and it didn't work called comcast people to walk me thought installing it. But the box didn't so i was tolded to take it back and get another new one, which my Husband it. Hook it up and it didn't work either so the office set up a installer To com out ...

Comcast customer service is terrible!

Internet went out and it even confirmed on their site that there was an outage in my area. Well a day later and still no internet so i called Comcast up and basically told me up front my modem is dying. I didn't believe the guy but he insisted that he have a technician come out to look at the modem. He didn't offer to check the ...

Worst Customer Service

I have called Comcast "customer service" 3 times to resolve the same issue! I still do not have secure and reliable internet, and my bill is almost $150.00 per month. They verified that an unauthorized user has my ISP address; my own computer has displayed that message many times. I tried to get a password protected access ...

Fees, fees, fees

Charging me to move my cable boxes to my new house, the house is cable ready, techs come push a button! I have paid THOUSANDS over the years for their sub-par service, now they want to back me into a wall and leave me without cable unless I pay their fee. Then the loser cs rep said I could just go ahead and cancel my service ...