Address: 1500 Market Street
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Poor product & service

Comcast required that I upgrade my Modem/Wifi device. Trouble is all I’ve had since the upgrade in February ’15. I am unable to use my mobile devices and my hard wired computer is slow. Today I was assured that a technician would be by my home today, Saturday between the hours of 4 - 7pm. No service. I receive an automated ...

Poor Customer Service

Comcast in East Orange NJ is the worst cable company. Nothing they say they will do is ever true. I had to reschedule a simple installation more than 5 times before someone showed up. Reps always promise you that they are making notes on the account but never do. One time I took off from work only to be told that my ...

Customer service

Where to start? They have made 3 appointments with us, called to confirm and then not shown up. Worse, I have been called customer service now for an hour and it is going to a dead line. This is the second instant of the same behavior by this company. When working, the service is average at best. Need to switch ASAP. The ...

A simple issue took half a day to resolve!

My main cable box stopped working. I returned it to our local comcast service center. They gave me this huge box and told me there were no more smaller boxes available. The next day I returned the huge cable box in hopes the employee could order me a smaller one. No he said. I had to call and order this myself. When I called ...