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Wasted my time and deceived me

Having been a Comcast customer for years, I was disturbed about the difference in price offered to both new Comcast customers and by other utility companies and what I am paying. My Comcast internet, phone, cable TV bill is the highest bill I pay monthly. Considering a switch to another company, I called them and asked for a ...

Phone lines down

I called this morning at 9am with a request to have a technician come out to fix our telephone lines. Our phones are dead. I was told that a service tech would be out by 530pm. Well a tech showed up at 345pm but he was here to fix our internet..?? We never called about a problem with internet. So, the tech informs us that he ...

Comcast is awfull.

I have read many reviews on Comcast screwing people over after canceling their services, well just recently I had to cancel mine and it wasn't long until that happened to me. I received my last bill of $35 due June 6th, I paid this bill June 1st. Today, June 3rd I got a letter from the collection agency saying Comcast turned ...