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Doesn't cover injuries

Got a shoulder injury, doctors want me to get an MRI to check for serious damage BUT OH WAIT!!! AETNA! Won't cover my MRI, use any other insurance company, sadly we don't have a choice, if you do, don't use this trash. Now I won't be able to tell if I need surgery for my injury. This company is trash and should go out of ...

Aetna is a JOKE.

I have Aetna insurance through my job and I was excited when I only had to pay $25 a week for my health, dental and RX insurance. I had Aetna for more than 3 months so I decided to go to the dentist for a cleaning and 3 fillings. I was informed that my insurance (Aetna) does not cover the whole cost which meant I would have to ...

Worst reputation, intrusive, manipulative, expensive, claims denied, tells you what medical care you need. Should be shut down!

A few years ago my company did away with insurance choices and gave us Aetna. Thing went down hill from there. Each year higher and higher deductibles, higher premiums and a list of hoops that the insured has to jump through in order to get covered or get penalized. My company also has Aetna taking care of Short Term Disability ...

Simple address change is an issue for Aetna

I have tried THREE times and my employer has tried to change my address on my FSA account, still not changed. Medical and dental can get changed but with the FSA side of Aetna they keep saying the account manager needs to change it. Its been over a year and they still cannot get this right. Horrible customer service that never ...