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Watch out if selling on ebay!

I sold on their site for 6 months and sold about 6,000. Then my pages of listings started to disappear? I assume I pissed off the leadership when I stood my ground with a very few bad buyers/Scammers. They also let other members inbox and harrass you about your products with plenty of questions (of which are not other sellers ...


I ordered a sky bell security doorbell $125.00 returned it back because it was damage it was used opened a case I won in my favor stated refund 24/48 hrs April 2015 its now June 2015 way to long now giving mi run around have not seen refund yet PayPal and Ebay work together on this now the companies are split up i just received ...

Irresponsible Cheaters in Ebay

I have ordered a laptop battery charger from eBay with a replacement guarantee. When i found that the item received was not working as expected i logged a case. They asked me to ship back the item and i did the same. I kept on following with seller if he has sent me a new item. He always responded politely saying that this will ...

Awful seller protection against unjust buyers

First... Before this incident I had an above average account... Always paid my sellers for items bought and never had an issue with a seller. I sold an item for a friend which was in new condition. When wanted his money back! Our mistake was we made was he had no he checked it again before shipping he accidently left out a ...