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National Motor Museum Mint
Non delivery

Do not under any circumstances buy from this company! My order was never delivered. I phoned and they said they had never received the order, although I had a copy and the money had gone from my account. They advised e-mail - I received no reply. I phoned again and I was told that the item I had ordered hadn't been sold for ...

National Motor Museum Mint
Can't contact

I keep getting cars that I did not order. I tried to contact them by phone... No answer. Then I tried by E-mail. Can't even get through because they say my Zip Code is not right. Well it is. It's been the same for years. How else do I contact them? Very angry. And now I see I have a certain amount of words I have to use ...

National Motor Museum Mint
Tried to contact Nat'l Motor Museum Mint via phone&e-mail, no response for phone call, keep getting response that wasit for a rep and then got a disconnect.

I called the 203-857-3800 three times and on each try got a disconnect, tried two different toll free numbers, one asked three questions and when I would respond to the third as no. I was disconnected, other toll free number after a quick responded that it was no longer in service. Mdse received on Order#42672403 ...