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Took the money out of my checking acc

Paypal MC can be used anywhere a MC is used. Emergency purchase of washer and dryer on paypal MC because vendor would not take Disc. 4 days later paypal takes purchase amount from my bank acc. Checks bouncing everywhere. Called paypal and got totally pissed. Paypal sucks and will do nothing to help. Happened once before (much ...

Paypal provides no buyer protection

Sold a vehicle to an individual the beginning of march 2015 using craigslist. The buyer bought the vehicle only having seen it in pictures. I highly suggested he come to see it in person but he refused and wanted it right away. He had the vehicle transported to him after purchasing. About 2 weeks after he had the vehicle in ...

Account Limitation, blocking my money

Paypal sucks. And They re thief. My son was sending me money thru paypal every month. They have limited my account for no reason after my son sent money to me which was over 1000$. Then they asked me to upload some files in order to verify my information for security purposes. I have done those. But they decided to put a ...

PayPal Customer Service is pathetic

I was worried about a pending payment on my PayPal account and I had questions about how I might delete old credit card information. I called customer service and was put on hold for one hour and 20 minutes... I hung up at this point, who knows how long I would have waited. There was no other way to get questions answered ...