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Pending payment - Release date changed?

I sold an item and it was collected by the customer. I at no time had any idea that if it was collected and paid via paypal I would need to wait 21 days for the funds to be released. I was told earlier in the month the fund would be available on the 25th of June 2014 however today is the 25th and I have now been told they have ...

Fraudelnt transaction

On 5/27/14 a withdrawal was made from my bank account in the amount of $428.50. Pay Pal has not seen fit to respond to three dispute claims I have placed a fraud alert on my credit report and notified my bank of an unauthorized transaction. Reputable companies respond to consumer complaints. It seems that Pay Pal has gone to ...

Simple Review #1401077030

PayPal suspended my account for no reason. My friend left a bad review so they blocked them then said we were linked some how I have been doing business with them for 5 years and with eBay had 100 percent feed back and some stars wtf and holding my funds for 180 how can they do that ...

Pay pal defrauding consumer through the usps

Pay Pal puts your account “Overdue” days before it is due. Go to consumer complaints#1140625 Read the letter from the Employee along with my last rebuttal. They have also changed the website when you go to log in. You can no longer go in & “View Card Details” nor copy & paste when they go in & put things in & take things out. ...

Paypal will not release my money

About 1 month ago I received a notice from paypal stating I have to send them a utility bill - social security card or a passport to prove who I am? What? They have been taking money from my bank account - verified and all of a sudden they doubt who I am. I cannot take out my 26.00- I cannot pay my ebay fees with it - I cannot ...