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Home Depot
I like Allure flooring.

I am a 69 year old woman. Three years ago I installed 864 square feet of Allure in our cabin (cement floor) all by myself and had no problems with it at all. There were directions in every box. The seams went together perfectly! It was easy to score and snap apart to fit the corners I need to go around. I don' t see what your ...

Home Depot
Home Depot/Rainsoft/Envirotech

Home Depot has people walking around asking you to take a quick survey and be entered in a reality this is lead shopping for Rainsoft/Envirotech. I specifically asked the person if the information is sold. They said no but the next day I am inundated with calls from Rainsoft and Envirotech. Shame on Home Depot for ...

Home Depot

I purchased an airconditioner using Home Depot credit card, turns out to be Citibank card. I paid 200.00 to pay off the balance early. I kelp getting HomeDepot letters, thinking they were advertisement, would trash them. Mean while, I found out that my payment was one day late and therefore late charges were piling up and ...