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Home Depot
Terrible customer service

The Ashland, Oh. Service is horrid. I have stood in an aisle and hollered " does anyone work here", eventually someone may show up. I have asked to talk to the manager and was informed, he works when he wants or if his bosses are showing up and that many times he doesn't show up till noon, so I was told to call ahead. Many ...

Home Depot
Kitchen Cabinets

Customer ordered cabinets at 20% off but needed additional cabinets, it was only two 18 inch cabinets. They charged twice as much for them since they were special order. They say everything is in stock but it's all returns or damaged goods. They called several times to say the cabinets were in when you get there they're not in ...

Home Depot
Veteran 10% discount

Home Depot claim veterans get 10% discount on all purchases but they don't. I wanted to buy a $2500 lawn mower which they did not have in stock, had other ariens in stock but not the 42 inch cut that I wanted. Said they could order it, but would not qualify for the military discount because it would then be a special order ...

Home Depot
Carpet measure ripoff

You pay for a measure but all you get is a quote. They won't give you the size of each room. Also, it is impossible to get in touch with anybody over the phones. They say they are going to call you but they do not. This happened at Melbourne, FL store. You pay for a measure but all you get is a quote. They won't give you the ...